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Say It With Feeling! Business Writing in the Internet Age - Michael Meek, Teresa Meek

Say It With Feeling!” is definitely a more than worthy read for anyone who may be looking to improve their writing skills, regardless of what areas of expertise they work in or what the type of content they write about. Everyone can write, but not everyone can effectively engage with an audience. Sounds daunting at first, but the author, Teresa Meek, does a great job of expressing the advice throughout the book in a way that is straightforward and easy to understand, and there are also plenty of examples that make it easy to look at the concepts in a more practical setting.

I found the section about using writing to convey images to be especially insightful. There are some great points about the parallels between logic and emotions that really stood out to me, and I will certainly be keeping this section in mind while working on future projects. Overall, I am very happy with the book and will most likely give it a reread when I get some free time in the future.